If you've been feeling burned-out, worried or anxious about the state of the world or your personal life, and need a way to renew your spirit and lighten up - join Eli and Joseph on this fun, transformative and playful adventure in the HEART of Mexico!

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                     Please click on the image above to be redirected to sublimeguys.com for all the sublime details! 



Joseph is an artist, actor, clinical hypnotherapist, an inspiring life coach and spiritual counselor specializing in working with individuals with creative blocks, addictions or those living with fear, indecision and worry. 

Eli is a writer, actor and gifted chef and health coach who specializes in teaching healthy, mainly vegetarian and nutrient-rich recipes in order to make more life-affirming food choices. He is also a certified facilitator of The Passion Test, an easy, effective tool to reconnect to your passions and discover what truly drives you.

Both are passionate about supporting others in living to their highest potential; and have co-created Casa de la Paz as an oasis of healing at many levels -

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Eli Hans & Joseph Bennett


  • develop healthy eating habits; learn to cook easy, delicious & nutritious dishes (yum!)
  • cancer support - become clear about your treatment options, get on the right path for YOU.
  • recover from or prepare for chemotherapy and other cancer-related treatments
  • quit smoking with hypnotherapy, acupuncture and counseling
  • detox your life with juices, organic foods, meditation and more
  • lose weight with hypnotherapy and healthier lifestyle choices
  • rediscover your passions and life-purpose
  • achieve a greater sense of happiness, peace of mind and success
  • get back on track and make positive, life-affirming decisions



In addition to being known for its creative and artistic energies, San Miguel de Allende is home to several gifted practitioners.

We're happy to arrange adjunct services for you during your visit (subject to availability).


"I need to share my appreciation for your commitment to make the world better. As a former motivational speaker, I know how much time and energy it takes to create a safe, playful, nurturing, and stimulating environment for people to thrive.... and you got what it takes!"

Carole Clement, Victoria, British Columbia

"My time with Joseph and Eli was pure love and light into creating my vision...Their work supported and inspired my dreams. Thank you dear ones... I am so grateful for your work!!!"

Bobbi Van, Brooklyn, NY 

"Eli and Joseph...My endless gratitude for sharing your treasures with me. Between the first group manifestation class and the last, I was able to finally remove the cellophane wrapped tightly around my heart. Quite the miracle indeed! I have lots of exciting work ahead of me. Every day is a great joy. I am back to playing and skipping every day! Mil gracias!"

Barbara G., Tampa, FL

"Since my visit with you I feel that I have changed in so many ways - I came for some help with some issues I had regarding food and since my hypnosis I have been free - a miracle. Your calm and reassuring way made it easy for me to open up with all my feelings and thoughts and that was the beginning of the changes for me. Changing a few habits, at your suggestion, helped me to change my habits around food. Thank you so much!"

Susan N., San Miguel de Allende

  Please let us know what you're wanting to create, shift or let go of during your retreat.   We're listening  here  . 

Please let us know what you're wanting to create, shift or let go of during your retreat. We're listening here