Join us for MAKING CHANGE | New Year's Day, 2018

For many of us, ringing in the New Year conjures up a lot of old stories - about overeating, overindulging, over celebrating and a few, fleeting thoughts of making resolutions, which we may or may not keep...

This year, imagine taking the time to pause, journal, explore and manifest your intentions with other like-minded friends. Reflect on what you want to release and envision all that you want to create for the New Year, mindfully. 

That's what happens each year at our Studio. People gather for Making Change, an art workshop designed to call forth, give pause, and practice creativity. 

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And you are welcome to join us for our 6th annual gathering! This year's workshop will be on Monday, January 1st from 11am-3pm. And while everyone is welcome, there is space for the first 11 people who sign up.

Workshop facilitated by Joseph Bennett

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To reserve your spot, please click on the paypal button below, or call 415 103 8027. The cost of the workshop is $50 usd / peso equivalent and includes:

  • four hours of studio time
  • facilitated writing practice and "how to" instructions for creating your vision board
  • a plethora of art materials: pens, colored pencils, scissors, glue, magazines, decorative papers, art boards (primed and ready to go!) paint, brushes and stencils
  • purified water, tea, coffee, fruit + snacks
  • a completed vision board at the end of the day, for you to take home and enjoy!
                             creative beings at play! 

                             creative beings at play! 

And you're encouraged to bring with you:

  • a thirsty journal
  • images to use on your vision board
  • an art smock + clothes to get messy in
  • a favorite pen, scissors or art material(s)
  • lunch or snack to keep you nourished


             The Studio Space in San Miguel de Allende.

             The Studio Space in San Miguel de Allende.

We look forward to CREATING with you on Monday, January 1st from 11-3pm. The address is Subida al Caracol 11. And please feel free to share this page with others who might be interested in joining us. Note: You will receive a confirmation email prior to the workshop, from joseph@artbybennett.comThank you so much for joining us! 

Blessings + gratitude, Joseph + Eli

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Blessings, Eli + Joseph